Complete Services For Over 100 Years

Throughout the nation, Spanjer has amassed a network of installers.

We can accommodate local permits as well as perform engineering and architectural skills where needed.


We work closely with our clients for over 100 years to ensure the project is properly thought out from the inceptions to the completion and that you are 100% satisfied with the end product.


We use state of the art technologies to create designs tailored to your specific requirements. And have the creative talents to achieve the perfection you are looking for – not matter how “far out” you may think your idea is. We can also superimpose the designed sign onto your property to see how the end-product will look. We also offer a full logo design (or recreation) services if needed.


Once concept and designs are finalized we will work with you to provide you with the expected fabrication turnaround time and arrange for an installation date. Spanjer uses the latest technologies and production techniques to guarantee a reliable and durable sign.


With over 100 years Spanjer certainly knows its ways around all the governmental agencies to ensure a swift and speedy permitting process. We will take care of all the permitting for you. Of course, permit costs will vary by location.


We will deliver your new sign to the location and our installers with expertly install the sign according to the specs and the permits. We will remove any old signage and dispose of it, if required at an agreed upon additional cost. We also offer a warranty on all our signs and services.


Our staff will finalize all inspections as per the local governing bodies require.


We over complete repair and maintenance services as may be required by your sign. We will repair any signs weather of not we build and installed them.

We also have the ability to install and design signage as well as provide sign permits and landmark approvals.