The History Of Spanjer Signs

In 1908, John H. Spanjer moved his family from the Chicago to Manhattan

Spanjer, a Holland Dutch immigrant with relatives native to New York dating back to New Amsterdam days, began manufacturing signs for the local merchants as they came off the boats to make their fortunes. En-route from Ellis Island, many new merchants came to Spanjer Sign Corporation for signs, bartering their wares in exchange for the craftsmanship so ingrained into this child of a renowned blacksmith.

In 1926, Spanjer moved the plant to its former address at 189 Chrystie Street in Manhattan. His son, Paul B. Spanjer, took over the business in the 1930’s, and remained its President for nearly 50 years.

Today, Spanjer Signs facilities are located at 38-56 11th Street in Long Island City.

Spanjer Sign Corporation has a very proud history and remains one of the nation’s most valued and treasured icons in the world of architectural signage. With work done in nearly every state, as well as many other nations, Spanjer’s name has become nationally and internationally synonymous with quality. Having adopted the slogan “only quality endures”, Spanjer Sign Corporation has consistently provided corporate America with the finest metal, plastic, foam and wooden signage available.

Please allow our long history and reputation in fine standing throughout the world, perform for you through our facilities and their affiliates.

You will not find a more qualitative approach to the field of signage than you will through our doors.