NYC Exposed Neon and LED Signs

Making a storefront stand out in a bustling, colorful and tumultuous city such as Manhattan can be a major chore for many. How do you make yourself noticed through all of the flashing lights, sights, noises and smells of downtown? Unmotivated signs and banners can result in a business shriveling, with customers not visiting your shop or business because it isn’t inviting or simply because they don’t notice it. Make the right choice when designing and purchasing a neon, LED or any other variety of sign, and make your business pop with Spanjer Signs.

We are a company of gifted sign, banner and awning manufacturers, and we’re here to extend our hands if offering you nearly a century of expertise in the business of making your shop or storefront stand out amongst the rest through expertly crafted and highly professional signs and lettering. Through cooperative skill and an in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, we will assist you in the process of creating a sign that both matches your image and makes you stand out.

Founded in 1908, Spanjer Signs has been crafting excellent signs in a massive selection of styles and variety of materials under the motto “only quality endures” for almost a century. Our neon and LED sign options are built to be durable and effective in promoting and inviting customers into your business. Alongside signs, we also manufacture long lasting artisan grade banners, awnings, stanchions, directories, nameplates and plaques, all made from the highest caliber metals and metal blends.

So if you own or are opening a business in the Manhattan, NYC or surrounding areas, and are like us and strive for excellence in what you do, give us a call today to experience what nearly a century of hands on experience in professional grade LED, neon, wood and metal signs can do for your business! Call today!

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