Custom Metal Plaques and Commercial Signs

There is an undeniable order for the materials that are used to craft quality, lasting outdoor signs and plaques in Manhattan, and the rest of New York City. While in some instances, plastic, paper and vinyl will prove to be acceptable mediums for representing your business, it’s well known that professionally crafted metal is hands down the most elegant material that a sign or plaque can be molded from. It is this knowledge that separates those businesses that sink or float.

We are Spanjer Signs, and we represent an incredibly respectable near century of creating top of the line, high quality, durable metal plaques and signs for the good people of New York City. We are proud to admit that we have played a part in the establishment and commercial success of thousands of business across the city, and would like to cordially invite you and your business to experience what we can do for you!

In nearly 100 years of success, we have grown to affectionately wear our motto of “only quality endures” as a badge of honor that separates us from our competitors. When you’re designing or ordering a Spanjer Sign plaque or sign, you know that you’re getting a product made of only the highest quality metal or metal blend. We specialize in working with the finest brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, magnum and copper, and our products are built to withstand the harsh seasons of the New York City streets.

So if you’re a budding business in the New York area or a veteran expert in what you do, Spanjer Signs can assist you! Give us a call today with all of your custom, commercial metal sign and plaque needs and receive a free quotation from a leading industry expert. It takes something special to make it in this city for as long as we have, so call us today!

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