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It used to be that a billboard in the middle of Manhattan was a huge deal that demanded a lot of attention. The businesses that were able to pull off such an elaborate stunt such as acquiring billboard space, usually flourished as a result of it. Today, we hardly notice a billboard, as the city is chock full of them in all shapes and sizes. This is largely due to the fact that many of the billboards in our city aren’t done well. If they don’t catch the eye of a potential customer, a billboard is effectively just a money sink. Spanjer Signs is here to offer you nearly a century’s worth of hands on sign making experience and expertise in creating and installing quality billboards that will not only be eye grabbing, but also, employ proven methods to endure the harsh New York City elements.

Since 1908, we have been pushing the boundaries of what it means to advertise in New York City through professional grade signs, billboards, custom lettering, plaques, banners, awnings and more! We are proud to say that we have grown into our slogan, which is “only quality endures” and we feel there is an immeasurable worth to that statement. This is exactly the reason that in our products, be it a billboard to represent your business or a hanging vinyl banner to tell passers by of an up and coming event, we use only the finest quality, most durable materials.

So if you’re looking to install a high rise or building sign, billboard or are undertaking any other important sign related project, give us a call today, and experience firsthand what a century of sign making experience can do for your business. We offer free quotations for all of your billboard and building sign needs, so call today!

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